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February 07, 2005


Stephanie Boyce

I think Andy's story is a really inspirational story. He seems to be someone with his head on his shoulders and knows his own abilities or when he needs help. I think that his accomplishments would really help others with aspergers. He has found a way to life his life in the best way he can. Obviously life hasnt been easy for him, but his stories can give hope and some insight to others who will soon be in his position. But it is nice to see that the help that andy recieved has helped him after he graduated from college, and still helps him every day.

Laura Palladino

I think Andy would definately be a help to others who have Aspergers. He has accomplished a lot in his time (high school,college, maintaining jobs, being on his own and having a good head on his shoulders) and he knows what it takes to get by. His own experiances very well may help others who have Aspergers and give some hope to those who feel they can't acomplish what they want to. Starting life after college is tough, for everyone, not just people who have Aspergers. I really think its great that he is doing as well as he is doing and i really hope he persues as a mentor.

Lori Blair

Listening to Andy it really makes you realize that anyone no matter what your status or disability be can do whatever you put your mind to. Nothing in the world can hold you back if you are determined and i think that many people could benefit from listening to Andy. I know too many people that graduate from college and have degree's yet work at gas stations or resturants. Too often i feel that when people graduate they are aprehensive of what lies ahead so therefore try and stick to what they know, and i'm very glad to hear that Andy is off and doing well!

Jessica Balsam

I think it is wonderful that Andy already has a job and is working towards goals. I know a lot of people that have already graduated and wait on tables for a living because they just can't find a job that they went to school for. Andy's life just shows that you don't know what life will be like after college, but anyone can be successful if they work hard towards their goals and aspirations.

Kara Gallagher

I enjoyed listening to Andy's interview, getting an understanding of how it is when you graduate from college. When he stated after graduating your social network gets shot down because that is something that i often think about. It must be weird not having a dorm full of friends to hang out with vertually whenever you want and i think i will have a hard time transfering. In general i think that it would be excellent if Andy mentors children with Aspergers in proving that there is always hope for the future and anyone can do anything they put there mind to.

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