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February 01, 2005


L. Tagen

Just like everyone else, i was surprised at the lack of facilities for a disease that has so much validity. I think eventually there will be more resources available and there will be incredible advancements because there have been many medical phenomena that didn't draw the attention of researchers immediately, but later became important.

stephanie boyce

Like some of the others who have posted their comments i I was really shocked to hear that there is only one other possible place in the country that would be training people intensively to deal with this disease. It seems pretty obvious to me that this is not something that is going to just go away, children with aspergers need help and i find it kind of sad that there is only one other place that will be training people. I hope that these types of programs work in their attempts to educate people correctly about aspergers. I also hope that all of this is just the begning of the the research that will be done on aspergers and that it continues until we have learned everything we can about aspergers, and until people are adequately educated on aspergers.

Lori Blair

To be honest I hadnt really heard of aspergers until ESEC 250 in which is was briefly introduced and i was somewhat relieved and somewhat disturbed at the same time listening to the web log. I'm glad that there is more research being done on both aspergers and autism, however i feel like it shouldnt just be starting now. I know that its hard to distinguish between the two, but i find it hard knowing that there are children who arent being treated properly for what they have. I'm really glad as a future educator that i was introduced to aspergers because i believe that it will be a great source for when i'm a teacher.

Breanne Lucey

This log was very imformative to me, ever since the first day of class, i had absolutely no idea about what aspergers was, and a knew little about autism. I'm very relieved to hear that people are trying to look into aspergers and autism and try to learn more from it. I feel it is essential that we have a trainig program for any professional or anyone for that matter. Aspergers and Autism are very serious, and we still don't really know that much about it. THe more people who study it, and learn how to relate to and imporve someone with asperger's/autism is greatly admired and respected. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of hard work to help someone with these social disorders, and im happy to see there are people who have the drive and the motivation to help us all get more awareness.

Shannon Cowles

I think that a training program for professionals is an excellent and very crucial idea because this is an increasing problem. I liked hearing the different views from different people in different fields. It was interesting to hear what each of them had to say. These children need to be helped with their education so if professionals know how to help them then all that can come out of it are positive things. It is very scary that some people are not interested or do not have the time to devote to learning more about Asperger's

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