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February 01, 2005


Jennifer Fitzpatrick

I agree that it seems very necessary that people take this course to further their knowlegde of Asperger's and Autism. How can someone be properly diagnosed if the psychiatrist they are seeing is not properly educated on a disorder that is showing up more and more frequently? Especially when in general, very little is known of either. I was surprised to hear that there was not a bigger turn out for the course, especially at the PhD MD levels. You would think that people would want to know more about a disorder that is affecting numerous people including those that they could be diagnosing. Don't they want to make the proper decisions in treatment? I understand the idea that psychiatrists may feel bogged down with all of their patients and their work, but I also feel that it is part of the job, that is, knowing what you are doing inside and out.

melissa soboslai

i think that this program is good and well needed. often you dont know how to treat someone with aspergers. my only question would be, how do you actually tell the difference between aspergers and autism? when you read the criteria to us in class they both sounded so much the same that i would find it hard to tell the difference. how come they both arent listed under the same thing?

Cristin Goguen

I after listening to this posting and reading the reactions of others in the class I feel better knowing I am not the only one who does not really know exactly what Aspergers is. I think that what the professor was saying about education for more people in general is very true but I find it to be even more needed in rural areas such as Keene. Where as we are not by any very big research facilities or places of that sort for those who may have Aspergers help does not get to them as quickly because there is such a lack of education about it. I appricaite what Prof. W said about more help going into the schools as well. Teachers have such a lack of help in the first place; it would be wonderful for those who have a real knowledge of these topics to come in and help.

Amy Welliver

I agree with melissa, its scary that clinicians dont have all the information about Aspergers to properly diagnosis it. When the professor was saying that all i could think was "you have got to be kidding me!" These people are making tons of money to look at these kids and they arent even making the proper diagnosis? Thats rediculous! Especially in schools; there should deffintily be knowledgable people consulting at schools because that is where the child can be observed unobtrusivly. I remember you talking in class about how a kids diagnosis that you made on him followed him throughout his life. Its so important that a proper diagnosis be made because if a child is mis-diagnosed they are going to face a stigma for the rest of their life and that is just awful. Growing up is hard enough!

melissa mengual

I think it is somewhat crazy that some children who deal with Aspergers that have not had proper treatment and services provided for them. A program like this needs to be offered because many educators are unaware of this disease that these students suffer with. It amazes me that people are just learning the sticks of Aspergers disease. I believe that is essential for people to become educated in this topic because so many peopple suffer from this today

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