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February 24, 2005


Caron Carnahan

Dear Larry,
Have you published the results of this research? Is the program ongoing? Were the student evaluations favorable? What were there impressions of progress or lack thereof?

yoga schools

Hey!I just wondered while reading.Believe me... for married aspires, life is just as difficult as it is for singles. Perhaps more so because we have TWO sets of parents - and all the fights that occur over which parents get to see us at lunchtime on Christmas day.
Thanks for this article BTW. Very good. (and thanks for the articles throughout the year. They've been an inspiration to read.


Not sure why all the emphasis seems to be on high school and young adults with Asperger's as many other ages do indeed exist. My 52 year old brother with Asperger's swears by yoga, swimming and biofeedback, and spends 3 hours a day at gym (can no longer work but was a lead engineer at Boeing with patents he produced for fuel systems, etc). He also suffers from hypertension. Yoga has helped him a lot and swears by it. My 57 year old sister with Asperger's went the route of Paxil to deal with her anxiety since the medication was invented and she is a senior speech pathologist who I ironically had to teach how to modulate her voice which always boomed from dawn to dusk. My other Asperger brother aged 55 went the route of complete isolation and illness (stomach problems since adolescence, now leukemia) and exercised very little watching 14 hours of TV a day. Now I am working hard to help my almost 5 year old with Asperger's disorder manage his body, and am considering Aikedo, yoga and dance classes for him as his mind is so separated from his body which is impulsively driven. It is a struggle. I also have Asperger's but still need to get the diagnosis, and want to look into cognitive behavioral therapy for myself at some point, as my husband is shocked by my lack of social skills and things I say to strangers that he says are inappropriate. Our father, who would be 95 today but passed a few years back, was text book Asperger's (outgoing type - spoke in one sided monologues). He thought gyms and exercise programs were a waste, and his idea of exercise was to pull around 4' x 8' foot panels of plywood around our backyard, or push wheel barrels, or pour concrete, etc. and ran his own construction business. He would also wear heavy coats in winter, and forget to bathe for weeks. No one in our family ever could keep a job more than 6 months, but all of us ended up working for ourselves (except the TV addicted brother) and actually got by financially in life. Try yoga, worth a try. Too bad when I tried yoga my wrists hurt for days, and realized it wasn't going to work for me. Basic pilates worked better for me instead, as downward dog of yoga was just too painful and pilates offers an alternative.

Wendy B. - interviewee

I am pleased to report that although we had logistical issues setting up classes at KSC with everyone's different schedules (the students and their mentors would have all needed to attend) I hope to be working with a school for kids with spectrum disorders soon - they'd like the physical education program to include yoga and are most receptive - Stay tuned ! - Wendy B. (interviewed)


Dear All,
I myself am an austic. As a child, I never used to understand my inability to make friends. I was ridiculed in all social circles in some form or other. I used to wonder why I am the one ? I liked repeating same lines/words. Being lonely used to hurt me, but nobody would understand that. I craved for friends. Yet, nobody was there. I would admit, I had been sucuidal at times. But, I used to get motivated by my studies and sports. Thinking, some day when I reach a good position, I will be respected and accepted in society. Academically, I was good in Maths. I am 24+ now and am a software engineer with almost 3 years of work experience in an MNC. Have earned some money and have a bank balance, yet my tryst with sociability continues and am trying my best to make friends. Hoping someday I will recover and get rid of my problem. Wish luck to all my fellow friends and everybody.

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