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January 20, 2005


Stephanie Rascona

I don't mean to sound like a suck up, but Keene State College should be proud of those teachers who give back to there students. It is a really great thing that you and Mrs. Baker set up a program for those with Asperegers'. This will defianly help those who want to learn more about this disease and those who have it. It is a shame that most program like this cost money, but this is a great how this is free of charge, which I hope more people will realize that you are doing something good for Keene State.

Rob Kiely

I never knew that they wanted to conduct this type a program but i think it is interesting. I dont know too much about Autism and Aspergers but i believe this tool encourages people to embrace the approach rather than to shy away from it. It is good to see that students here are taking steps to help those who need it. If the resource is there why not seize the opportunity.

Joel Brown

I aloso feel that this is a good program to have. I'm sure that there are many other financial expenses that the parents that these students with aspergers have and this is one less debt that they would have to worry about. Not only is it helping out the students with aspergers and autism, but it is helping ambitious psychology students. Both parties in this situation are benifiting from this program.
Like Dr. baker, I too feel that everyone should know how to act when dealing with a person who has aspergers or autisim. I myself, have first hand experience with this. My freshman year here I lived in fiske hall. Many people who have autisim and aspergers also live in fiske hall. So for about four months i came in contact with these students just about everyday. I first I found it kind of awkward, but soon after I began to develop a good understanding on how to deal with these students. In a way just by living in Fiske Hall was a college learning experience all in its own.

Thomas Sacco

I think thats these programs would be very good for teaching students to handle the actual disorder. I feel that doing something yourself is the best ways to learn something, rather than just having a teacher lecture to you. It creates more of a personal attachment to the information than being stuck in a lecture hall. Not to meantion that the information they are being taught gives the student the ability to affectively help the person wtih autism/aspergers.

Shandra Lamb

I think the Keene State program is an exciting idea. As everyone else has already mentioned, it's a win-win situation for everyone. I find the Asperger's a particularly interesting area myself, and really hope to help out in the program sometime during my four years here.
Thanks for shedding light on the subject.

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