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January 20, 2005


Amy Barbieri

This program reminds me a lot of the main ideas behind student teaching. The psychology students get an early start working in something similar to the field they are studying, while families and patients with aspbergers and autism benefit without large medical bills. Everyone wins.

Jess Jamieson

I didn't know that Keene State had a program like this. It's such a great idea! It's a good way to get students involved and I would think that it would be a great experience for both the mentor and the student that they are working with. ~Jess Jamieson

Amy Welliver

My mom is a paraprofessional and has worked with children who have autism/aspergers before and it always amazes me the patience that she has with them. I think the program you described is a great idea for college students especially those going into the education field because they are going to be working with these children all the time. I personally have worked in different schools and volunteered in my mothers classroom and i admit sometimes i find myself overwhelmed by children with learning disabilities because I have not had alot of experience and I sometimes felt like my patience was waning because I just didnt understand. I look forward to learning more about aspergers and other disabilities as we go on so that I can understand more what other people are going through.

erin shelton

I don't have much knowledge about Asbergers, but I think that the peer mentoring program is a great idea. I do believe however, that the selection for picking these mentors should be careful. Some mentors may stop caring after they recieve their credit or even mock their mentees.

Lauren Levinstim

I think it is outrageous that individuals with Aspergers, attending Boston University, are requiered to pay an additional $4,500 for extra services. I think it is wonderful that Keene State College offers peer mentering to people with Autism and Aspergers at no extra cost. This program sounds like an excellent opportunity for college students to help another person and to learn more about Aspergers and a wonderful way for individuals with these disabilities to seek assistance.

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