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January 06, 2005


Lori Blair

I believe that peer mentoring is a great asset for someone with aspergers or autism. When students are peer mentors for people with disabilities it not only enables them to help someone else but they also get a great experience and learn a lot about the persons disorder in which they can then in turn share with others. By doing this it makes it so people are not scared of differences which i believe is essential in our schools.

Breanne Lucey

Peer mentoring is essential for someone diagnosed with aspergers or autism. Most therapies and programs are very costly, and this can be offered to anyone who doesn't really have the money to invest in high upper level treatment, and it's local and performed right on campus. THe only problem I can see from this is getting the right number of people to volunteer to be peer mediators, but the more aware we all become of aspergers and autism the higher the number of volunteers I think we will recieve.

Kristy Perry

Peer mentoring is an excellent way to educate young people about this disorder. By helping others, they are not only positively affecting the life of another directly, but in a way they are also contributing to the research about the disorder.

Laura Palladino

Peer mentoring is definately a good idea. It helps not only build valuable social skills with people around their age level, but it can also help with self-esteem. I'm glad keene has programs, cost free programs at that.

Missy Mengual

I believe peer mentoring is a great idea for people who suffer from this. This enables them to be able to talk to someone their own age and know that people want to be able to help and treat them as if they are not alone. This is a positive exerpience and believe both people get a great deal out of it.

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