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February 07, 2005


Lauren Levinstim

Andy has such a great outlook on life. It would be great if he could turn his syndrome into a career opportunity, or use his experiences as a way to help and better the lives of other people with Asperger's.

Andy Sylvia

Well, thanks again I guess!

I take it you'll all be buying my self-help book coming out just in time for the 2014 Christmas shopping season.

Stephanie Rascona

I was very inspired by Andys interview. It is amazing how one individual with this disorder could have such a great out look on life. To bad there aren't more people like him. He would make a great speakerat Keene, considering he has Aspergers' and it is better to listen to a person who has personaly experienced something like this.

L. Tagen

Andy seems to be one of the fortunate ones in that he knows what he wants and recognizes that there is that "next step". He seems to be very grounded and highly functioning.Andy would be beneficila as well as inspiration to others diagnosed with Aspergers because having someone there that understands what you're going through or has gone through it themselves is a real asset to their progression.

Jackie Kearney

After listening to this posting and previous postings, I think that the programs and mentors that we have here are an asset to all. Andy's story is amazing, and i think he would be able to help others with asperger's, not only help but inspire. To know that someone else, who is just like you with the same personal issues or disabilities has accomplished so much would really help. So not only is Andy an inspiration to others with Asperger's but even for those without.

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