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February 17, 2005


Lauren Levinstim

I think part of the problem here is that people, students in this case, have such a little understanding for people with spectrum disorders. If people understood these disorders more thoroughly it would prevent teachers and students from feeling nervous around them.

Rachel Schmitt

I think it's horendous that a teacher wouldn't want to give a student with autism the same attention in a classroom as any regular student. Yes they may be disruptive at some points, but it's not their fault. And in being teacher, I think the teacher should expect they won't have perfect students. People with autism should get the same attention in a classroom,even more, as everyone else.

L. Tagen

College kids with autism should have just as many opportunities in the classroom as everyone else. If teachers see differently because they have a disorder and will be a disruption in the classroom, then what about those with ADD or ADHD? Supporting teachers who take on this kind of responsibility will ultimately get their support from the obvious benefits shown in the results.

gene lossman

very good view from both professers. I was in the class of professor Stevenson, and I was amazed at the change in the students actions after a few weeks. Under standtably,many of the students knew that this student had a disabilty,but could not grasp the fact that he couldn't help himself.

gene lossman

Good thoughs will be looking foward to the out come

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