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February 01, 2005


Lauren Levinstim

I still can't believe the little amount of research that has been done on Asperger's. I think this new training program is especially important because of the real lack of information about Asperger's. This program will enable people to better understand children with Asperger's and high fuctioning autism and allow them to help these people with more confidence.

Erin Shelton

I don't uderstand how there can be such little research done on Aspberger's when its a fairly commen disorder. Its bad that the media may be the only way people know about this disorder because they're so often wrong. Before this class I didn't really know what Asperger's was and I only knew of a few symptoms of autism.

Jess Balsam

I was shocked when I heard that there are so few places that really research Apserger's. I feel like it should be studied just as much as other disorders/diseases. Hopefully it becomes more and more popular among researchers. However, being an education major I wish there were more places for myself to turn to when I have a student with this problem.

Joel Brown

As well as everyone else, I find it surprising that there has been little research done on Aspergers. I do not find it surprising that the majority of the information that people do know about the disease is from the media and pop culture. I think that this program will bring forth the much neede information that people need to know about Aspergers.This is definetly a win-win situation. People will be getting properly trained and people with Aspergers will be recieveing the help that they need at the same time.

Stephanie Rascona

I am disappointed at myself not knowing how children with Aspergers are not getting the care that they need. More people and scientists need to get involved with this disease. I know that the medical world is trying to come up with a cure for cancer, but what about the young inoscent children with Autism and Aspergers'. They need attetion and care too. Something needs to be done about this. This doesn't make sence of how there is only one place in this country that trains poeple to give direct attention to others with these diseases, there needs to be more.

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