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March 27, 2005


Andy Sylvia

I say we secede and make our own country somewhere. Still, I don't look forward to being Temple Grandin's neighbor; I have a feeling her house will smell like cows...

Lauren Levinstim

It is hard to answer the questtion of who needs to change. I think that the neurotypical community needs to make changes to meet the needs of persons with Asberger's just as much as person's with Asberger's should try to understand the neorotypical community. Tuning into other cultures is a very difficult thing to do. If these two communities could listen to eachother they would be able to help one another.

l. tagen

it is very hard accomodating to another culture, yet both seem to have new insight. There's a difference between hearing and listening...listening is key here.


I enjoyed listening to this weblog beacuse of what the two students described their experiences with the special needs peron. I thought they both did a great job explaing the importance of hearing their voice and their feelings of how the act and how they want to act.

Rachel Schmitt

I think that accomodating to a new culture would be something very difficult for anyone to do. People need to understand eachother, and actually need to listen what one another is saying before we can fully understand anything. I agree that we have to listen to knowledge from both sides of the spectrum, in order to understand.

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