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March 09, 2005


Lauren Levinstim

I think it is a great idea for people with autism to have their music podcasted. Now they could possibly make a living off of it. I think it is also a great idea so that people have a better understanding for people with autism.

Meghan Soucy

I think it would be a great idea to start having lectures podcasted. With our lives as college students, we are always looking for ways to multitask and by having lectures at our fingertips on our ipods while walking across campus or at the gym would make for a lot less stress on all students. I would love to hear the music of the girl with autism. Most people with autism are musical geniouses and everyone would be blow away by there tallents.


if a student that lacks social skills and may or may not have the greatest self esteem it would be great to podcast their tallents such as their music! great idea id like to hear it as well.

Amy Hathaway

This idea of podcasting is a curious one, but only mildly. I am suspicious of technology which seems full of bells and whistles, but in the end doesn't seem to contribute much to a wider world (as in outside the podcasting set). The student with autism podcasting her music is a neat idea, but I would caution that using only podcasting will likely leave out a huge population (particularly local community) who might benefit greatly from her experience.

Rachel Schmitt

I feel that people with autism having their music podcasted is a really good idea. It would be something very interesting to hear.

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