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June 20, 2005


Andy S.

Hey Larry,

It seems like this is better than e-mail since now you've got 3 comments instead of 2!

Anyway, just wanted your advice, I turned into the right hand lane near 101 and Winchester near 101 and Main thinking that it was a right hand lane instead of a breakdown lane, like some cop said it was. He gave me and three other people a ticket, but they don't want to fight it.

Should I? I'm going to e-mail some lawyer friends later. Please tell your lawyer friends or find some other people who use that as a right hand lane if you can.




Hey Julie, very nice...you have a great "radio voice"! I am not so sure that urban vs rural is an issue when the services work hard to listen to the parents needs as you clearly are doing.


I agree that the most viable alternative activities occur in larger urban areas, but where I live in North Dakota even our urban areas are rural. The key is to create those environments wherever one finds oneself.

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