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October 05, 2005


John McC

Larry- I liked the Weblogging conversation that you had in your class. They are probable similar concerns and worries that we have in our class. As you can probable surmise I like blogging. I do have to quote crystal though about not sounding smart, self esteem has always been an issue with me also. Ohters concerns were that they don't like journaling to begin with. I do like the sharing of ideas and the oppertunity to comment after the class has end and be able to add this is what I was thinking. I also like the idea and hope that it keeps the conversation going. I would like to try to recapture what you read from Dan Gilmour's book page 12 written by a 19 year old student. " A tool to map my thoughts and experiences and a chance to share it with the rest of the world." I always like to think that an authors thoughts have a sense of immortality. - John McC ASD student

Andrew Sylvia

Hey Larry, I've got a new Blog entry topic for you regarding AS and a technological thing Odell talked about once, call/e-mail me sometime about it. Also, how was Betty Dylan?


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