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November 04, 2005


Andy Sylvia

Thanks Larry,

I figured in exchange for the interview I get a shameless plug, that's how it works right?

If there's anyone who would me to come and speak regarding things from my views on Asperger's or my experiences with Asperger's, i'm available at [email protected]. I'd like to make a side business out of this.


William E. Hapworth M.D.

This is a great service to Asperger patients. I have four Apserger patients in my practice. I worked early in my career at the May School in Chatham Mass which treated the spectrum of patients from Autism thru Asperger. I also did research with Magda Campbell M.D. on these issues at NYU in the Childrens unit of Bellevue.

The one essential clinical piece I will share with you from all of this experience is that this is a dynamic process and that people with these brain wiring problems should never be categorized or pathologized only encouraged to explore their unique potentials and strive to achieve them.

The brain is incredibly fluid and can overcome and work around these circuitry issues which paradoxically define special strengths about these individuals.

I will be sure that my patients visit your site.

Bill Hapworth

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