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December 11, 2005



Thank you! I did just remember that a cue that I latched onto from the light box OT was at the time to say...you are green, and the conversation is mostly pink. Then I asked them if they might want to change, and what color did they think might work for the situation. I forgot those cues over the years, and so did the children! hehe I borrowed that from the How is your engine running? concept.


Elisa: We are working on studying generalization by making recordings of "free speech" before and after work with speechmatch and have since created a handier version using iPads. But you ask the big question: Will it really work? Science is slow hard work and sadly the world throws many programs out that are not tested.


I like the interesting and unique aspects of all humans. In this forum there are neurotypical and non-neurotypical individuals. I like this tool in small form. I was first introduced to it at an OT session during sensory integration therapy. Huge screen with bright color lights that flashed and shifted with tone, volume and prosody! Playing with it helped my children to comprehend what I meant by outside voice, inside voice, and other unspoken social situations that had outputs from them, that others were using as communication. I did NOT use this as a tool to tell them they were bad nor wrong. I DID use it to help them to make a choice for audience and for self-modulation. One difficulty seems to be that when one of the children is overdone, they can't hear volume differences in others, and then also in themselves. How to make the shift from this software to situations such as that?

Cary Terra

You really are something. I have not encountered any mental health professional or researcher who communicates - both explicitly and implicitly - such a normalizing sense of optimism. As the wife of a man with Asperger's, I am very aware of the struggles he faces in forming and maintaining relationships - so your work really touches me. I will pass on your site to him. Thank you - this is a wonderful site.


Thanks for the info. Audacity is a wonderful program and being a parent of a child on the spectrum, it's nice to know it can be used in such creative ways! Good stuff.

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