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December 11, 2005


Autistic Spectrum Person

I am on the autistic spectrum.
I like my speech patterns very much.
You want to teach autistics to speak like you do?
I want to teach neurotypicals to speak like I do!!!


This SpeechMatch is brilliant! Kudos! You designed it? Please email me. I'd like to add some ideas to this SpeechMatch.

amy reichardt

aloha sir-i am in kilauea if i can help you-i'm sitting here with my 16 year old 'mystery savant'autistic spectrum gluten free/casien free blossoming son,who also has mixed cp,and we found you are here-my cell is 808 3862186
julian has his own show on www.kkcr.org
90.9 or 91.9 his father is the operations manager of kkcr, if we can help you please let us know-we've been here 17 years and are currently the hawaii disability rights commission's new project here,as my son has been abused and neglected by the public kapaa school system-i took him out in september,they don't know how to test him becuase they don't know what they are seeing.
they said he had an IQ of 46 and he is a genius who has all the symptoms/quirks of aspergers i can find myself-
but hey my neighborhood had a tidal wave go through it tuesday,i live at the 22.3 mile marker.julian was in princeville with his father on victoria loop.
great page,call me

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