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February 04, 2006



I too find that the assertions that those on the spectrum lack empathy are baseless. This year, researchers at Harvard (don't hold me to the university name, since I'm not sure) conducted a study on empathy in Aspeger's Syndrome with a general population sample and an Asperger's sample, showing that those with AS have the same amount of empathy as those without. . . and in some cases, may show more.

This validated me, as a woman with Asperger's, from feeling self-doubt as to who I am when I am constantly told that part of my diagnosis is a lack of empathy. . . yeah right. I've met dozens of others on the spectrum, and we all have great amounts of empathy for others.

Social justice is a high calling, and it is one I fervently pursue because of my love and sense of duty for others. . . because I can feel what others feel, and suffer every pain any may suffer, I know that I am Asperger's and dedicated to the pursuit of justice and liberty for all.

I'm a crime writer, poet, and editor, and http://www.sorrows.weebly.com is my homepage. My blog, apparently linked when I post, offers reflections on philosophy, politics, and religion. I'm Ylanne, in case my name doesn't show up. So if you want to send me a message, email: ylanne (at) sorrows (dot) tk. Thanks!


I am very impressed and thank you! My friend Dan had Asperger's, so I've been researching. I'm a journalist/poet myself, please see my page at myspace, and if you're on there, please add me! I'm very impresseed with this article's thoughts!

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