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December 21, 2006


Tina Schliestett

My son's high school is beginning to use teacherease.com Not sure how easy it is for teachers, (I guess it depends on the willingness of teachers to adapt to a new system) but it sure makes it easy to keep track of my son's progress on a daily basis! BTW, handheld devices of any kind are forbidden in his school, and the email on his school-issued laptop is disabled!

John L

Power School can provide a lot for parents but it is a huge commitment on the part of schools to implement. We are currently in the process of switching from one system to Power School and it is not happening without considerable work. On top of it, a number of administrators are finding it hard to work with. We will see if it really helps parents better access information about their son/daughter. If it does,Awesome.
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John LaCrosse


Intersting blog Larry. Question, is it like a "palm pilot" or a "Blackberry"?

If it were available in a format like that, it would be easier to use than a laptop, just due to the fact that it would not be as bulky of a machine to tote around, however, it would still provide the vital, "schedule" aspects that would be needed to maintain organization throughout the course of the day.

However, on the flip-side, are there any drawbacks to switching to a program like this?

We'll meet up soon for cappuccino and maybe a scone.


Ed and Vickie Hathaway

Our son attends Orion Academy in Moraga, Ca http://www.orionacademy.org/. Orion uses PowerSchool and other technologies--notably laptop computers on a wireless network--to ensure students and parents have necessary information. We can't say enough positive about the impact on organization and communication.

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