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January 23, 2007



2007 Special Olympic Games is coming closer and closer. A volunteer, coaches, government officers, anyone who supports for

the Great Games now is on their ways. They came from different countries to Shanghai, to share the pains and happiness with

athletes, to grow with them. What a nice picture!!!

PandaPhone respect them like our best friends, Pandaphone want to join the great movement. Pandaphone knows the importance of

sharing, of communication, of experience. The Tele-communication bonds our lives together, we insist. We bring them into the

movement for sharing.

Now, we have three packages for the 2007 Special Olympics Games:

“Jade” package------China SIM Card Rental $20
“Orchid”/”Lily” package--------China Cell Phone Rental $38/$48
“Bonds” package -----------China SIM card Sale $29

We are not for benefit, we are here for the connecting the world. Share with your lover, friends, family of the Great Game.

Contact us:
For quotation: sophie@pandaphone.com or grace@pandapahone.com
Tel: 866-574-2050 (USA)
021-61478109 (China)
Fax: 732-412-4040


I am not sure if I would plunge into the Atlantic Ocean in the middle of the winter but I can and will donate to an extremely good cause!

Another reason I am commenting on this blog is to make Larry and others aware of a great movie that is currently at the video store. The name of the movie is Mozart and the Whale. The movie is about the life story of Jerry Newport and his wife, Mary who both have Asperger's.

Please take a moment (actually about an hour and a half) and watch this movie!

Bye for now...

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