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April 25, 2007


Dan McManmon

Hi Larry, thats great that you were able to discuss college/Aspergers on the airwaves. We have an Aspergers College Program right here in Lee, MA, about 10 minutes from Great Barrington. I could not get your audio link to work though. If you ever want to stop by feel free.

College Internship Program
The Berkshire Center
18 Park St
Lee, MA 01238

Mark Vane

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shelagh talbot

Any suggestions about playing guitar for asperger and autistic teens at a day camp?


Does anyone on this blog have a child or know of a child that attends Orion Academy in Moraga, CA. I am trying learn more about the school before signing on the dotted line. Have seen the school and everything looked great, but then again not everything that looks great really is.

Thanks for your help

Liz Ditz

Behavior Concepts is a blog kept by Rana and Andrew Houvouras. I thought of you when I saw this post and wanted to share it with you:


I Would Never Know _______ Without Autism.

"This one will probably grow as I continue to think about how my life has been shaped. Would love to hear others’ replies and will post them.

I would never know how to use a computer. In 1995, as a graduate student, a 14 year old boy with autism taught me (actually helped me overcome my fear) how to use the internet and MS Word at the Marshall Univeristy library. Thanks John. This blog wouldn’t have come into existence without you."

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