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October 04, 2007


Donna M. Gibson

I read John Elders book because I am a great fan of his brother Augesten's work and realized I am an Aspie also. I have yet to see a doctor but I will after the holidays. I now understand why I have never fit in anywhere. I struggle with knowing what to say or do in social situations and usually talk to much about topics I am interested in regardless of the other person's interest. My husband of 17 years is a very sensitive and loving person who has been the most patient mate a woman could ask for but I never could understand why he always says I am unique and that he has never met anyone in his life like me. I love it... I am not wierd....I am UNIQUE.
Thank you John Elder for your book and thank you Augesten for encouraging him to write it. Donna Gibson

John Elder Robison

Thanks for your comments on my story. Did you get to read my book, Look Me in the Eye? I do hope people find it inspiring.

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