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January 10, 2008



No, but I'm sure Sherry knows a bit about this. Try contacting her at Nova U. if you'd like to discuss.


Was there much discussion about the use of assisted technology to address writing deficits?


Response to Drconfused: I am sympathetic to your need for a low-stimulation podcast due to sensory issues...perhaps a solution is to post transcripts of podcasts for folks like you to read.


I am an adult with aspergers, and one of the things that gets me is my hypersensitivity to noise, so my suggestion to you as someone that is writing alot on aspergers and doing pod casts is to use this 'understanding technology' and ability to navigate through technology to try and figure out how to make a crip sounding podcast, as I (hopefully I am not the only one) find it hard to get through a pod cast when there is so much secondary noise going on.

Jenny Darrow

"We live in a copy and paste environment..." : this podcast talks clearly about the assumptions that are made about students and their 'innate ability' to understand technology.

I think part of the problem is that we (in education) don't always know how to model good use of technology. In fact I'm not convinced that we know what "good" use is when applied to learning and teaching. I have more to say on the subject but rather than repeat myself I'll point you in the direction of an old post:

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