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August 29, 2008


Rebecca Elsman

I have a child with severe autism and apraxia, meaning he does not speak. He is 3 and in speech twice a week and ot once a week.Also in a program called Croyden in Kalamazoo Mi. What the President needs to understand is that even if insurance companies cover part of the bill, It still cost the family a huge part of their income. We pay 600 a month, and the insurance picks up the rest! How is this fair? If you want your child to talk you have to go into debt. Unrealistic! I say to you with normal children try living with an autisic child that don't talk and can hardly communicate and screams all the time, but knows what he wants. Maybe then you would change your mind and start helping those who truly need it!

Larry Welkowitz

Malaspina and others at Columbia have shown that men may well have a "shelf life" for ideal sperm (e.g., reproduction after 40 does seem to pose higher risks for a variety of medical problems). But I don't think this will become a campaign issue, unless either candidate wants more kids!


It would help if any of the candidates would speak about the truth that sporadic autism, sporadic schizophrenia, sporadic cancers, and sporadic Alzheimer's is created by men older than 33 having babies. There is a male genetic biological clock.

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