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September 22, 2008



great posting,keep updating me..
Thanks for the great reading. I will pass this on to our Ira clients to read.



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Thank you so much for that list -- my AS son is a junior in HS and we're just starting to look at which schools would be good for him . . . if you are ever in the Washington, DC area, please let me know! I'd love to hear you speak on this subject :)


now that I look back at my college life with 20-20 vision and see how my AS affected my College Career (although I didn't know it at the time).

I had a core of 5-6 friends that I routinely visited on a daily basis.

The Theatre Club/Fraternity is very understanding about people with social quirks

The Social Fraternity I joined was the new "rag tag" group of guys. This worked well as there were a couple other of my fraternity brothers that would be DX with ASpergers if they haven't already got it.

Being a Disc Jockey on the radio was great. No one to look at and I could pretend to be who ever I wanted to be plus at a college radio... playing what you wanted was much more liberal.

Single room was nice, but having suite mates were good because it was an easy way to get "some" social practice daily. If not, you might result in being a hermit.

Tutoring was good... I just happened to be the tutorer (math, science) as it was a scheduled (i.e routine) social (with 1-2 people) event that was short (1-2 hours) about something that I liked and was confortable for me (math and science).


It was so nice to meet you Sunday!

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