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October 24, 2008


Larry Loganbill   (L 1)

What is the best/most expensive hotel and restaurant in Keene, NH?
Where is the nearest train station and airport?

BTW my friend on the Big Island counted 61 private jets lined up (parked) on the tarmack at the Kona Airport a few weeks ago.

Larry Loganbill   (L 1)

You want news that's great, objective with coverage all over the world then sign up for BBC World News America with your cable or satellite service. I'll never watch American TV news again. BBC airs every 8 hours for 60 minutes. I will admit that the Brit reporters do love that the U.S. economy is going into the dumpster. One reporter on Friday was smirking (almost laughing) as an American woman he was interviewing at a job fair was weeping because she had lost her job and couldn't find another one...after working for years and being a member of the union.

Aloha from Moloa'a Bay on Kaua'i...where we're getting ready to sell papayas, mangoes and bananas in the food lines during the Great Depression of 08.

Larry 1

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