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March 27, 2009



I agree...teachers are either "on the bus" or not...and those who limit themselves to "chalk talk" will continue to bore their students to death.


The new therapy session on the road with skype and twitter hmm? I think I like it.

Tracy Mendham

The direct contact authors and students can have with each other was one of the big joys of incorporating blogging into my Keene State class. It makes the academic dialogue palpably real in a new way.
Hearing about your use of Skype makes me want to start teaching in the classroom again!
That how do you find the time question...I feel like I don't have time to labor in obscurity, which is what we do in the academic world if we're not high on the food chain or publishing right at that moment.


Wait a minute, it stopped raining...guys are swimming, guys are sailing...

Would love to hear about how "Pod Camp" worked out!

john Elder Robison

You were one of the first to get this student-teacher-author thing going, but now quite a few schools are using blogs and I'd like to think some other authors have picked up on it.

I think its a great thing.

I don't know about Twitter . . . but I am going to this PodCamp thing in Holyoke this morning to learn about that and podcasting

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