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April 22, 2009



As a middle aged man with AS married to an NT female with six kids between us, I'd love to know of the experiences long term of autistic children. 4 out of my six are on the autistic spectrum, so we will have to see what happens

Samuel Adkins

I am a 16 with aspergers and I am obsessed with Russia for no particular reason. My doc told me people with as seem to be drawn to Japan, China, and Russia the most.

Liz Aucoin

My daughter chose to live in Montreal, rather than our small Canadian town, because she says it is a more welcoming atmosphere. So many people are from other places and have language and culture adaptations to make that those with idiosyncrasies like Asperger's don't stand out so much.


Hello, I just found this blog and I have Aspergers disorder. I am finding it affecting my maariage and I was wondering if there is anything out here that could help me.

matt clark

Not only is New York a haven for those with Asperger's but it can be the cure for many types of disorders and phobias. Just being around people can help a depressed person feel more welcome and someone who has a phobia of being alone can't ever be alone. I feel more connected to those strangers walking down the streets of Manhattan or Harvard Square in Boston than I have ever felt in my own high school growing up

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