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January 08, 2010


Katharine Clark Gray

Update to Derrin's comment, one year later:
"If You Could Say It In Words" is now out on DVD on the Vanguard Cinema imprint. You can find the film at chipchair.com/store as well as on Amazon.com, BestBuy.com and Netflix.

(Note: at the time of this writing, it is only available for *queueing*, not watching, on Netflix. They require that the number of people who've queued the movie hit a certain critical number-- so we encourage anyone and everyone to take a moment and queue the movie on Netflix to help make it available for rental!)



I wonder if anyone knows where we might be able to purchase a DVD copy of "If You Could Say it in Words" - been around the usuals but seems to be a challenge

Help appreciated

Katharine Clark Gray

Sorry. Correction: Dr. Welkowitz. Apologies for the misspelling.

Katharine Clark Gray

Dr. Selkowitz: thanks for posting about our film! IF YOU COULD SAY IT IN WORDS made its film festival debut in 2008, but a director's cut of the film will be coming out this year... as will a DVD, available for sale worldwide.

If you, or any of your readers, want to learn more, simply write to info@chipchair.com. This is also where you can sign up for our mailing list (use subject line "Please Add Me To The Mailing List"). All queries are responded to individually and personally.

Thanks again for the mention!

Best regards,

Katharine Clark Gray
Producer / Art Director,

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