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March 03, 2010


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Our education system has grown and developed in a reflection of the changes in our society in a symbiotic relationship in which one influences the other. Considering such issues as gender, culture, curriculum, testing, and philosophy, how has formal education been influenced by national development? How have changes in society influenced changes in the way in which students are educated, as well as philosophies about education?

Larry Welkowitz

Matt: Good to hear from you. The evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould talked a lot about the role of accident in the formation and development of life. I suppose that is very much true in the course of human life (although we would rather think that we are the Captains of our ship). Cheers, Larry

Matthew Clark

new meaning to the phrase "wrong place, wrong time." It is amazing to see how people's lives have been changed by a conflicting trajectory. A person is going into a convenience store to buy a gallon of milk and falls in to the path of someone trying to rob the place. someone coming home from work crosses the path of someone running a red light. Life's interactions are a series of trajectories and or fate if you ascribe to a higher power. Very interesting to ponder.

On a side note my group counseling class was talking about the need for a professional online footprint yesterday.


Speed and agenda, I think. Ideally, we would like to have "mutually compatible agendas" in relationship, at work, on the road. Putting our agendas "on the table" might help.



So is trajectory mainly about speed, mismatched speeds, that is?

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