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June 03, 2010



Good point Dana...we need open access to researchers' data so more folks can analyze it, generate new discussions...but researchers are protective of their data.

Also, there may be problems in data collection not revealed by researchers in their published papers, including accidental breaking of the blind, errors in assessments, poorly collected data, patients lost to follow-up, and so on. So who can we trust? Not sure but at least we should be teaching our students to question....question everything!

Dana Clark

"...at least until someone shows me data that suggests I do otherwise."

...and even then, unless we implicitly trust the researchers (as you did your doctor) or have perused, validated and ideally replicated the study you mentioned, we're still outsourcing our opinions to people based on... presentation? Plausibility? Proximity to what we want to believe?

Even beyond that, it seems like there's an enormous amount of trust extended towards the conduits of 'information' such as newspapers, reporters and internet service providers for instance, before we're even able to extend that trust to the researchers, the research methods, and the conclusions reached and reported.

How much of what we believe is based on faith? I'd say the majority (if not all) although much of that faith is usually dressed up in a way that obscures the true nature of the 'knowledge'.

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