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July 21, 2011



Jenny: I did like what Boyd has to say... risk is a good thing...we're always "throwing cards up" trying new things...some stick, some don't...but the process always involves risk


Here's a post from danah boyd who circles around the topic of teen behavior control. I think she's spot on here (as she often is)


Curious to hear your thoughts Larry.


Yeiter: by "abstractional" control I mean more under the control of naturally occuring contingencies, as opposed to artificial antecedent controls (prompts, instructions, nagging). Think of the high school basketball team where the coach is running up and down the court yelling at the kids to "pass here" or "hands up" (on defense)...versus the team that just "knows" what to do (the latter is better).

Eric :)

I think the aforementioned can work depending on the type of person the parent is. If the parent is capable of keeping their word. (ex. Parent says not to run down the stairs, child runs down the stairs, parent corrects child appropriately) Then the strategy could work. If however the parent is more "relaxed", then this will not work, and  if a parent cannot properly correct their child by following up on their word, then they will probably lack experience creating exploratory success anyhow.


say more about "abstractional" control

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