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November 11, 2011


Amanda Kelly

Hi Larry -

Amanda (aka Behaviorbabe here). I stumbled along this post tonight. I have to say, finding myself on the web (in a post about disseminating science) is (not to overuse the phrase)...very cool!

When I first found your page, I recognized your name from my conversations with Shelley Viles at Antioch. Then, I realized I also "know" you on social networking sites, such as Twitter (including the #ABAChat you mention in your post).

For others who are interested in the dissemination of behavior science, learn more about the Dissemination of Behavior Analysis-Special Interest Group (DBA-SIG) of the Association of Behavior Analysis: International (ABA:I). www.aboutbehavior.com also, to access free resources about applied behavior analysis (ABA), go to: www.abama.webs.com

Larry - I hope we have the opportunity to meet in person some day soon.

Judy Brophy

I think you're right on, Larry. Twitter chats are a great way to find out what others who do what you do all over the world do. I try to "attend" one Tues at 8pm called #tichat. TI is Technical Integrator which is the moniker that folks that do what I do in K-12 use. It's a way for me to extend my experience and meet smart folks.

I see them as professional development tools but there is no reason professional development can't start in college.

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